Our Story

Innovative Strategic Partners (ISP) was founded by four independent consultants that worked with businesses and nonprofit organizations primarily in the areas of finance and accounting, who had a congruent goal of further supporting and growing those businesses and nonprofit organizations. We’ve come together to tackle some of the most important and difficult challenges facing organizations. We are a diverse company of thinkers and problem-solvers. 

Our client portfolio includes organizations that span industries that include nonprofit, philanthropic, disaster recovery, transportation, music and film production, and information technology, that are geographically located from Louisiana to New York to Washington, D.C.


Vision Statement

To achieve self-actualization by serving
our clients well.

Mission Statement

Through the strength of partnership, we strive to enable each client in the fulfillment of their goals.

Core Values

Integrity, Diversity, Leadership, and Expertise


Meet Our Team


Gregory St. Etienne

Chief Strategist

Monica Landry

Financial Management Strategist

Jeffrey Schello

Operations & Business Development Strategist


Michael Hubbard II

Finance & Investment Strategist

Terrance L. McKnight

Operations Director

Jay-Michael Bennie

Human Resources & Operations Specialist


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