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Executive Consulting

We will ensure that your organization has the proper organizational policies and procedures, to promote effective C-suite and/or Board of Directors governance. We do this by combining processes to crystallize your organization’s mission, vision, and objectives, along with implementing a risk management plan that will consider potential risks and events before they occur. Through these apparatuses, your organization can save money and protect its future.

Organizational and Board of Directors Development Services

Board of Directors Development/Governance/Management

The Board of Directors is essentially the legal guardian of a corporate entity. In a non-profit organization, the Board members are owners of the stakeholder community. It is the Board that organizes resources and takes action to fulfill the purpose of an organization.

We can help you have a robust Board of Directors, by:

  • Developing an understanding of company Bylaws;

  • Assisting with selecting, implementing, orienting, and training Board members;

  • Ensuring that Board meetings are effective; and

  • Creating and maintaining Advisory Boards as needed.

Risk Management

We can help you mitigate controllable workplace operational hazards by:

  • Conducting a macro-level risk assessment, utilizing the Board to develop a risk management plan;

  • Reducing the risk of hiring and volunteer policies, including the requirement of backup staffing plans;

  • Ensuring staff, client, and visitor safety by evaluating risks of facilities and property and the potential of data security breaches; and

  • Assessing insurance risk, including but not limited to: general liability; professional liability; product liability; fire, theft, casualty, workers compensation/occupational safety; Board of Directors and Officer liability; vehicle operation; and fraud and dishonest acts.

Policy Development

We will develop custom policies and will update and/or customize any existing policies for you, as needed, per recommendations based on assessments conducted by us, including: 

  • Internal Controls

  • Compliance

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Indemnity

  • Fraud and Misappropriation

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