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Business Processes & Operations

We will utilize an analytical review of the state of your organization to serve as the basis of  designing a blueprint for moving to the next level; we will help you ascend from a reactive, short term approach to a proactive, long-term approach for the present and future. Paramount to this  is our ability to properly align your funds and resources with your goals and objectives.

​Efficient processes and procedures are critical to the success and reputation of your organization;  we can help your organization develop solid procedural systems and controls and ensure a high  level of quality control through the establishment of standard operating procedures. We offer powerful solutions to refine your procedural systems that provide your team with the right  information to improve quality and performance, facilitate consistency, and increase outcomes, which fosters growth and success. 

We will carefully assess and examine your organization’s key valuables, including: Organization Leadership/Management, Strategic Planning, Operations, Financial Vision and Strategy, and Marketing.

Business Process Management Services

Thought Partner

We will serve as your partner on organizational matters, including future projections, third-party relationships, and strategies. We will also challenge your thinking and provide information that will attempt to encourage you to modify organizational paradigms, assumptions, and/or actions; this will provoke you to innovate, leading to value creation in your business processes.

Organizational Assessment

The goal of this is to collect data that will help us gauge your back office needs and give you a comprehensive overview of the financial health of your organization. This includes a review of: 

  • Existing comprehensive annual budget(s);

  • Written policies and procedures for fiscal operations, including procedures for processing payroll, purchases, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.;

  • Processing activities for congruency with written policies and procedures;

  • Existing authorization functions for purchasing, account authorization and management, to ensure that these functions are not performed by individuals who also perform performing transactional functions, and operational control matters; and

  • The policies and procedures of Board of Directors committees

Information Technology Management

We can elevate your organization’s labor-intensive, slow programmatic processes to efficient and productive automated systems. We utilize a variety of assessment tools to analyze your automation needs. We can customize existing automated applications, merge applications, or develop new applications to maximize efficiency and productivity.

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